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all shook up, and not being poured..

I've come to realize that I'm not writing terribly interesting things in here... While I originally created this diary to record all the trivial things that happen to me regarding my relationship with Phillip, I've discovered that I'd rather have this be my total alias online. My other diary [] is me as viewed by my friends...which means I don't tell them about the business with Phil at all. But at the same time...I keep adding friends to this diary, because it's a side of me that's a bit more [in my opinion, anyway] interesting. Well, I might just have to start putting ME on this page, instead of keeping it as an account of Phil and myself. I have other space for that...i.e., my diary on disk. All of my diaries, one day, will be put together and published. That's my lifetime goal. And it's an attainable one, even. I have no doubt of it happening.

Now, for [hopefully] the last time, a section devoted to Phillip. I'm probably seeing him tomorrow evening. I'm getting tired of making up lies to my parents, but right now it's necessary. They really don't approve of him in a way that I would have them approve, and while his licence is suspended [God help us all, I wonder what silly thing he did] I have to find my rides elsewhere. Possibly when he gets his licence back, he can pick me up after sixth period at school-- seventh is my open hour-- and we could do something before rehearsal. But I know that we both prefer darkness outside to sunlight. Well....when winter comes, darkness will come faster. But so will the cold, so we'll have to find somewhere indoors to be...although I have no idea where that will be. So far, we've just been hanging out on the top of the parking ramp...a great place, actually. Lovely view of the city...and we both so love the idea of a city.
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