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Today sucked.

Don't even ask. It's been awful, and I don't even have much of a real reason to be so upset. But I am.

So, here's my day:

Both periods of American studies I spent in Mrs. Wolfe's office, curled up in her rocking chair, crying like a baby while my classmates participated in their Puritan role-play. Fuck Matt Murphy. Fuck him up the ass and into Hell for the mindfuck he's been putting on me. I skipped French and tried to sleep in the health office. I tried to read my Baudelaire during my open hour, but I couldn't concentrate on it. My mother asked about the cuts on my arm and I had to make up a story involving Mr. MacDonald making us run around in the woods picking leaves for Biology and my arm was cut up on some thorn bush. At least my day is over, and while I'm not planning to get any homework done, I'm going to watch Edward Scissorhands and drink green tea til I pass out...I wish I could pass out. It would be much more pleasant than staying awake.
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