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Hrm...coming up with suitable lies seems to be my biggest problem...

I'm trying to set up another date with Phil either tomorrow night or Monday...if I can get him to drive me home, we can meet tomorrow because I can tell my parents I'm having a study group for the American Studies test. I think I have to get him to drive me home regardless of which day we meet...but I'm a little afraid of what will happen if he gets pulled over, since his licence is suspended, and he claims that every cop in Rochester knows him. Being pulled over would end our meetings, because somehow my parents would find out and punish me and never let me talk to him again and life would be over.

Or maybe I'll just take my chances.

I mean, the email I had waiting in my inbox this morning actually ended with the following line:

"BTW, when can I see you again?"

Notice, he said "when can i see you again?" Which means he wants to see me. I'm having trouble explaining this, but he's not treating it like we're just meeting, talking, and making out. He's treating it a little nicer than that...and I'm completely inarticulate today.

I bought my Homecoming dress today. It's very pretty...it's a two-piece dealie-- bright, almost iridescent blue, with long skirt, and strapless top. I'm having the top altered a bit, since it's a little too open on the bustline, and as I am a rather full girl [not just chest...everywhere!], I still have to wear a strapless bra with it [yuck!!], which I need to go buy, since the one I have isn't going to work [I don't think]. But I'm all excited about my dress, since it's the first thing I've been able to find that a. looks good, and b. isn't black. Now, I love black. About 70% of my clothes are black, but I get a little tired of wearing black to every dance. So I'll be able to go pick it up on October 2, since it's being altered and will be ready then.

Yay, I have another party to go to in about twenty minutes!

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